Custom Outreach Service

Custom Outreach Service

With more and more vendors selling links on the same websites it becomes crucial to diversify your link sources.

Hence this service

  • We find the contact details manually for the thousands of websites that you provide us with or that we source for you.
  • If no email address can be found we will submit the contact form on the website, if present.
  • We will reach websites that stay out of the reach of others (sites that block bots and such).

This outreach service can be used for any type of outreach such as guest post outreach, sniper approach, infographic outreach or something entirely different that has nothing to do with SEO but you just want to reach as many websites as possible.

What we need from you

  • An alias domain that we send the emails from (this is not a must as we can register one for you at no extra costs).
  • A list of websites that you want us to reach out to or your niche/industry so that we can compile a list of prospects for you.
  • Optionally: The URL’s and anchor texts you want us to use.
  • The type of outreach you want us to perform and any possible materials to go with it.
  • Blog posts/articles or we can handle it for you at $25 per article.

What you can expect from us

  • First we create a list of prospects if you don’t supply a list of websites yourself.
  • Next we pass the list to our team to find the contact details (emails and contact forms).
  • Once the list is ready we reach out to all in about one week time.
  • We answer all the emails and negotiate deals best to our capabilities.
  • A list with offers will be presented to you to discuss.


There are always additional costs when reaching out for link placements so for that reason we created a few different options

Core outreach service (limited time offer)

  • Standard: 2000 websites $349
  • Pro: 5000 websites $599


You will receive at the very least ten paid offers and a handful of invitations to send a piece over to review.

In case you receive less than ten paid offers we will have you choose from the SerpTrust database at cost price (eg you only pay for the content and the site owners fee).

How to order

To order please send your details/data by email to: and we will send you an invoice to get the work started.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.