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Custom Outreach

Unique link placements at extremely affordable rates.

Do you know what the hardest part is about acquiring links?

Landing backlinks from unique websites.
Although this may sound like common sense to you it is not. With so many vendors selling links it is inevitable there will be huge amount of overlap in their offerings.
In other words, you end up on sites that are basically guest post farms or in the process of becoming one.

Perhaps you think this doesn’t matter. After all, a relevant link is a relevant one, but it doesn't work like that.

If you are only getting links from the same sites that your competitors use then Google will start to pick up footprints. Massive overlap will cause outbound link footprints. We avoid this as much as possible as this can and will get you penalized eventually.

The Solution

A custom outreach service where we reach out to sites that are most relevant to yours.

Of course, other vendors will reach out as well but guess what? They only reach out to 1000+ traffic sites. There is a whole lot of gold out there when we lower the minimum metrics during our hunt for prospects.

That way we can guarantee that we'll find you unique link sources at an extremely affordable rate as smaller sites don't charge an arm and a leg.

If you have been buying links, you will also benefit from lower DR domains linking to you as nearly every guest post you bought is probably DR30+ and that isn't very natural.

Does that mean we only reach out to low DR/low traffic site?

No, it's what we recommend but you are the one in charge!

What We Offer

To fit everyone's needs we've set up a custom outreach service that doesn't break the bank.

Custom Outreach

Custom outreach to thousands of sites. We've indexed nearly the entire web and use this data to reach out.

Fair Pricing

We have been prospecting the entire web and went through millions of websites. SEO metrics have been fetched for these websites and we categorized them using our own proprietary systems.

For each industry we have approx. 20,000 websites with the following minimum metrics: DR10+, 200+ organic traffic/month. In this service we offer you to reach out to 1000, 2000, or 4000 websites. The type of outreach is entirely up to you to decide.

This is the perfect (budget) service to get to know us and to learn to trust us with our selection process

1000 websites

for $299

Minimum 10 offers

2000 websites

for $399

Minimum 20 offers

4000 websites

for $599

Minimum 40 offers

Our motto is, the better we do our job the more likely you are to return.

What our cutomers say

I've been working with Dennis since the Ice Age so needless to see I'm happy with his service. It's true what others say that he's very affordable, but what I personally find more important is the quality and uniqueness of the sites he works with. Most of them are nowhere to be found with other providers and you can often tell the webmaster really cares about the site. Compare that to the linkfarms you see elsewhere, and you'll become a regular too.

Otwin Buchie

Recommends SERPTrust

I've been working with Dennis for the last two years and I'm quite happy with his links and his attitude. I was impressed how he handled a few problems - one time I had indexing issues with few links and once I had my article deleted - Dennis immediately refunded me, he also offered alternatives. Its nice to have a person with integrity in the midst of thе SEO swamp.

Tsvetan Vuchkov

Recommends SERPTrust

How to order

To fit everyone's needs we've set up a custom outreach service that doesn't break the bank.

You will be forwarded to PayPal where you can complete the transaction. After it's been paid, you will get redirected to our order form where we ask you for a few details that we need.

We need your industry/niche of course, and a set of posts/pages you want us to target (it can also be just one page).

In case of our custom outreach service, we'd also like to know if you want us to focus on guest posts or niche edits, or both!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach out if something goes wrong during the checkout?
You can reach us at if you experience any issues.
Is the price of content included for possible placements?
No, we only charge for the actual outreach.
Do you offer any guarantees?
We guarantee a minimum number of (paid) offers yes.
How long will the outreach take to complete?
We complete the outreach service in 3-4 weeks.
Will there be additional costs?
Yes, if we reach out for guest posts we can arrange the content for you at a more price or you can supply it yourself. You will also receive cash offers and it's entirely up to you to decide to take it or not.